Previous work

Magazine articles

I have written for Northern Woman, Ireland’s Homes Interiors and Living, Munster Interiors, Image Interiors, VIEW for NI, and PosAbility.

News and business

I worked on the news and business desks of The Belfast Telegraph for 2 years, and also contributed entertainment reviews and articles for Business Month magazine, plus freelance articles to The Sunday Life.

Advertorial copy

Advertorial is paid-for content that reads like a magazine or newspaper article.

Press releases

A couple of press releases I created and distributed to local media on behalf of some clients, plus some examples of coverage gained.


This is a blog post that was submitted to me for a detailed proof and content review. I haven’t changed any of the content but provided detailed suggestions, as requested by the client.

Websites and Profiles

I collaborated with NYC-based natural skincare brand Ahimsa Apothecary on the content for their new website’s philosophy and about pages. SheBelle is an ethical luxury hair brand based in the UK – I wrote the copy for their Mission, About and Story on their Facebook page, and also for their Twitter profile and Instagram profile.



I currently ghost-write content for a well-known local industry blog, but I will be updating this section soon with published content for new blog clients.

Social Media

Since 2013 Arts Ekta have commissioned me for their official social media coverage of Belfast Mela, and other events including the groundbreaking Nine Nights performance in Belfast city centre.

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