Copy converts – turning a reader into a buyer or a fan.

Sometimes the lines can be blurry between content and copy, as good copywriting will often tell a story and be enjoyable and absorbing to read – just like great content writing.

The difference is that copy is designed to sell, convince or perform a marketing function and usually includes a call to action (Sign up, learn more, get in touch, join our mailing list, etc)

Both content and copy will be informed by relevant data on who you want to read it, and who else is trying to get their attention – things like customer profiles, keyword research and competitor analysis.


What copywriting services do I offer?


Whether you are a creative professional, arts organisation, a small business or a charity you’ll know that a website – even a simple one – is essential if you want anyone beyond your mum, partner and cat to know who you are and what you do.

If you don’t exist online… you might as well not exist. Even if your target demographic aren’t generally known for being internet users, a web presence in the 21st century is pretty crucial, even if you or your group are very much an offline operation. For example, if you’re interested in press coverage – the first thing any journalist will do if they’re thinking of writing about you, is Google you.

Hopefully I’m preaching to the converted. If you need help getting a website up and running or freshening up an existing one, I can:

  • Write all the page content, or just one or two pages
  • Proofread, edit and ‘tidy’ what you have written
  • Publish content directly to your website and organise pages and menus (if WordPress or Squarespace)
  • Connect your social media channels to your website
  • Work in partnership with your creative team, eg. graphic and web designers, photographers.



I can work with you to create words that convert readers into customers, fans or supporters. I can create content for:

  • Brochures, leaflets and catalogues
  • Direct marketing letters
  • Advertisements
  • Sales emails and funnels
  • Landing pages and lead pages online
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